November 20, 2020

Mypremiercreditcard – Login to Check Your Account Balance

Do you want to apply for your very own Premier Credit Card? Do want to keep yourself updated with mail alerts? If you haven’t applied for your Premier Credit Card yet just because you didn’t know the application procedure then give this article a read. Also if you are lucky enough to own a Premier Credit Card then you only need to create an account at MyPremierCreditCard website.

The online portal offers many beneficial services to their card holders including online payments, transactions, availing various promotions etc. the article also mentions various payment styles you can opt according to your ease . Premier Credit Card can be visited by anyone but only the cardholders can create an online account. The cardholders should necessarily be owning any of the First premier bank cards.

 Can you keep your whole in your pocket? Definitely Yes. Wondering How? Well MyPremierCreditCard has designed a Mobile App just for you. The app enables you to roam around literally with your whole account in your pocket. You no longer need to worry about losing your cash because no one can steal it now.

Features of MyPremierCreditCard Online Portal:

  MyPremierCreditCard in an online portal that represents First premier Bank. This portal is not necessarily for the cardholders only but you can also use it even before you have one. Remember one of its amazing features to make Premier Card payments online.

Before that if you are new and looking to apply platinumoffer from First Premier Bank here’s the guide.

The portal provides various benefits to the Premier Credit Card holders as well as allows you to apply for one if you want it. Stated below are some of the benefits that MyPremierCreditCard offers:

  • Keeps you updated about you premier credit card through electronic statements.
  • Keep you updated about your card’s transactions.
  • You can check your cards credit score.
  • Keeps you updated with promotions and services.
  • Enables you to Make payments through your online account.
  • Keeps you updated with email alerts.
  • You can apply for your very own Premier Credit Card on MyPremierCreditCard.
  • You can n apply for premier master card as well through online portal.
  • Ensures your card safety and security.
  • Completely fool proof system.

How to Pay Premier Card Bills Online:

Just Click on the button below to see the payment method of Mypremiercreditcard.

Haven’t Applied For MyPremierCreditCard Yet?

If you have made up your mind to get yourself your very own Premier Credit Card then you must apply for it first. You would not be able to get it without asking for it. You can let the First Premier Bank know that you are willing to get yourself a Premier Credit Card through their website.

Once the bank is aware of the fact that you are in need of premier Credit card, they will offer you one if all the required credentials are legally submitted. You can simply follow the steps given below if you want to book premier a credit Card for yourself:

  1. Visit the official website MyPremierCreditCard.
  2. Slide show would appear on the home page.
  3. One of these slides offers Premier credit Card application.
  4. Click on the button “Apply Online Now”. New application  page will appear.
  5. If you previously had  received a mail then enter your “Confirmation Number” in the give space.
  6. If you haven’t received a pre-requisite mail the Click “Click here” button provided at the bottom of the box.
  7. In the adjacent box ,you can also apply for a Master premier Credit card.
  8. Enter your full name, address, Zip Code, City and state.
  9. Enter last 4 digits of  Social security number. Click “continue’.
  10. Receive card at your door steps within a few days.

Registration Process of MyPremierCreditCard:

      In case you have recently got your new premier credit card, you should create an account at MyPremierCreditCard portal. This is because the portal offer many online services that we have already mentioned above in this article.

  • Requirements for enrollment.
  • You must own Premier Credit card or any other Premier card.
  • Your account Number.
  • Your Social security number.

If all the above requirements are fulfilled, only then you can proceed further to create an account at MyPremierCreditCard. Follow the steps below to enroll:

  1. Visit the official site.
  2. Click “enroll” ( given at the top )
  3. Enter your Account number.
  4. Enter your Social Security Number. Click ‘continue”. ( You will be directed to another page )
  5. select a suitable username & password.
  6. read terms and conditions
  7. Submit your data
  8. Your MyPremeirCreditCard account will be created

Here’s Mypremiercreditcard Login Process:

 My Premier credit card holders can access to their online accounts but they must have an account as a pre-requisite. Card holders who have their MyPremierCreditCard with them but haven’t applied for their online accounts do not have the access to MyPremierCreditCard online account. In case you have already registered check the registeration process here. You have your MyPremierCreditCard as well then you are got to go for logging in.

  1. Visit the site of Premier Card.
  2. Home page will appear.
  3. Enter “username” and “password” in the empty spaces appearing on a top bar.
  4. Click “ Sign In”

Why Should I Use MyPremierCreditCard Mobile App?

Mobiles have become a today’s necessity because they play a major role in making our lives more efficient and co event in many ways. They offer many shortcuts that save time and make living even better. Like many other industries, websites have also started designing their own mobile apps that are personalized according to the phone user.

These apps act as the website shortcuts and allow the mobile user to visit the site without wasting any time in browsing them on a search engine first. The apps also offer many other features that might be unavailable on the site as well. The best quick books is in the market. Following are some of the features of MyPremierCreditCard Mobile App

  • Service is available 24/7.
  • It gives a direct access to your account.
  • Payment scan be made anytime.
  • Easy access by just entering username and password.
  • App can be updated time to time.
  • Enables you to check e-Statements.
  • Enables you to manage your MyPremierCC account.
  • Allows you to keep record of your transactions.
  • Synchronized with your email.

Download MyPremierCreditCard Mobile App:

Have you read the above features of MyPrmeireCreditCard mobile app?

If yes then you must have had made up your mind to get MyPremierCreditCard mobile app in your mobile as well. Are you worried that you are not an android user? Well worry not because MyPremierCreditCard have designed mobile apps for both IOS users as well as android users.

Forgot Password?

            Do you feel like you keep forgetting passwords? Well MyPremeirCreditCard is well aware of the fact that you are very much pre occupied with business. MyPremierCreditCard account can be opened easily even if you no longer remember the password by following a few simple steps. The retrieval of Password requires your account number and social security number.

  1. Visit this page
  2. The link will take you directly to the password retrieval  page
  3. Enter your  “Account Number
  4. Enter your “Social Security number
  5. Click “Forgot Password

Forgot Username?

            Forgetting username is no big deal. Just like passwords, username can also be retrieved in a just a few steps. The steps would require you to enter your Account number as well as your social security number. The site asks for account number and social security number for your own security .the numbers keep any other person from logging in to your account.

  1. Visit thisThe link will take you directly to the password retrieval  page
  2. Enter your  “Account Number
  3. Enter your “Social Security number
  4. Click “Forgot Username”

About the Bank:

MyPremierCreditCard is the official online portal of the First premier Bank. First Premier Bank is situated in South Dakota .the bank was started in 1986 by Mr. T. Denny Sanford who worked hard to bring the bank this much success. First premier bank is considered to be at the 13th position when it comes to credit card usage with a 1.5 billion USD asset .the bank is considered best for the people who are struggling financially in their lives. The bank provides great support and financial assistance to such people.

For More Queries:

In the above article we have explained everything in detail just for you. In case you have questions regarding MyPremierCreditCard  that has not been explained here then you can surely contact the First Premier bank yourself.

  • Dial 1 800 987 5521 OR 1 605 357 3440     (Monday to Friday : 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM CT
  • Saturday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM CT) or
  • Fax : 1 605 357 3438 or
  • Mail At First premier bank PO BOX 5529 Sioux Falls SD 57117 5529