MyPremiercreditcard – My First PremierCreditCard Login

MyPremiercreditcard – Though, we know that making transaction through Credit Card is easy and safe. It has both advantages and disadvantages as it has in debit cards. Then also, Credit card is used in general for making payment online as well as offline.  Owning credit card refers as and when the bank gives money to spend and that money you have to return within time frame also said as a grace period. 

One benefits of using a credit card are you get an interest-free loan with the grace period of 21 – 25 days. Here is an example of how it works: If you have a credit card period of Jan 6 through Feb. 5, with a due date of March 1. Any purchases made within the period can be made interest-free until payment due date. However, if you do not pay your balance before March 1, you will possess interest on the average daily balance.

In comparison to making payment through cash in hand online payment through credit card is more preferable and easy. This feature makes credit Card desirable for everyone. MyPremierCreditCard best for new firstpremiercard login credit card customers. Here in this article, we are going to discuss myfirstpremiercreditcard services provided by first premier login.

We will also talk about the login process of MyPremierCreditCard login procedure. The name of the First Premier Bank’s Credit card is MyFirstPremierCreditCard and it is the best credit card service in the USA. mypremiercreditcard is providing several services related to products and service. Services of mypremiercards are checking, savings, loans, treasury and ATM vault services. First Premier Bank provides finest credit card customer service. First Premier bank provides 24 x 7 online services for clients and customers.

 MyPremierCreditCard Login


Before access to a first premier credit card login account customer have to get login details. After accessing the account these details comes in front of the consumer PDA screen.

  • View Current balance
  • View the Statement Online
  • Check Available Credit
  • View transaction
  • Pay Bills Online
  • And Many More

For login information and details of my first premier bank login of your account, you have to enroll on the official site. After logging into the account, you can make use of it for paying bills online and also admittance account information at any time you want. Now let’s take a glance login procedure.

If mypremiercreditcard customer login to account first they’ve to sign up for online access account which they created. After sign up, you’ve to log into your online access account. You can log in with password and username that you‘ve created while sign up.

These following simple steps you have to follow before logging in to your account

  • Open the web browser.
  • Official website of MyPremierCreditcard is
  • Then the page requires for username and password.
  • Enter the username and password and then click on the continue button.
  • After clicking on continue, you will have access to your account.

How to make payment with MyPremiercreditCard?


For payment with your credit card, follow basic steps.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Put in with your username and password.
  3. As you can see you have your account and there’re many options.
  4. Look for ‘Make a Payment’ option and choose it.
  5. Choose an option to pay the entire amount or minimum amount from your credit card.

For those who have no access to laptop and internet connectivity at the moment can make payment with MyPremierCreditCard with these following steps.

  • You can call on 1-800-926-94-00 for MoneyGram locations. Bring your my premier credit card no. and make payment with using the code 6267.
  • You will make payment on Western Union Payment platform using PREMIER SD code.

Another way to make payment is you can mail payments to below address First PREMIER Bank, PO Box 5529, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5529.

Whenever you’re in a hassle and you forget the password. With following steps you can reset and recover your password.

Step 1. Open MyPremierCreditCard Login Page.

Step 2. In that page, you’ll find the option of Forgot Username/Password and click on that.

Step 3. It’ll take you to open a new page.

Step 4. There you’ll have to enter account number and Social Security Number.

Step 5. Then select the option for Forgot Password or Forgot Username.

Step 6. After that, you’ve to go after the instruction displayed on the page to recover your password.

If you ’ve a query, call on 1-800-987-5521 and customer service representative will help you.

MyPremierCreditCard Mobile Application


Nowadays banks provide more facilities i.e. internet banking, credit cards, virtual credit cards etc. People use more portable gadgets like mobile and they want to admittance bank account it requires Mobile App. Whether you’re an Android user you can use mypremiercreditcard’s mobile application. More People’re traveling more and have less time for banking. Mobile app helps to manage the credit card account and the app has many more exciting features.

Benefits of MyPremierCreditCard Mobile App

  1. With the mobile app, the user can use it from anywhere.
  2. The app provides Payment option.
  3. A user can see e-statement and e-letters with the mobile application.
  4. App help to make a schedule for making payments that is amazing.
  5. With the mobile app, you can request for increasing credit limit.

With the app, the user can access account 24×7 with username and password of the mypremiercreditcard mobile app.

How to Prevent Security Risks

People make the transaction more through net banking and with the mobile app. First Premier Bank take steps to save customer data but mainly it depends on the customer. If customer use keylogger in a phone that record every keystroke and it is easy for hackers to steal your banking details. If you make a lot of online transaction then you’ve to follow important security step to being a victim of it.

  • Don’t login bank account using public Wi-Fi.
  • If you lost the phone, the first thing you have to do is block bank account.
  • Use a proper security solution in your computer and smartphone.
  • Don’t share banking details to anyone even they call from the bank itself.

These’re some simple tips to save your bank account from hacking, Implement it and save your account to be hacked.